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The concept? Meet, mingle & munch…

use our flexible meeting room with screen and projector
choose one of our original teambuilding activities (90 min)
enjoy a delicious dinner and appropriate drinks together
all-in concept
let our professional team take care of everything for you

The options?



In this offer, the fun factor is an exciting mix of technology, fun and challenge as you have to complete an obstacle course using special alcohol glasses. Let’s see how smoothly you can manage these tasks when it looks like you’ve already had a bit much wine… Hilarity guaranteed!

As always, during this day you can also use our flexible conference room for a meeting or a company presentation. We provide the accompanying coffee or tea, juices and fruit.

And of course you will also enjoy a sumptuous Canapé-style dinner (seated or walking dinner)! We start with appetisers and a glass of prosecco, serve our well-known small dishes and finish with delicious sweets. Matching drinks are included.

all-in price pp: 290 euros excl. vat (based on 25 participants)


Start your day with a delicious Canapé-style lunch (seated or walking dinner). We welcome you with a glass of prosecco and serve a variety of culinary dishes. Matching drinks are included.

When everyone is satisfied, it is time for your board meeting or presentation in our atmospheric meeting room. We provide the matching cup of coffee or tea and our famous sweet canapés.

Conclude your team day with a special aperitif moment! Our bartender will teach you the tricks of the trade in a fun workshop and afterwards you can of course enjoy your own cocktails (or mocktails). Here too, we provide the tasty bites!

all-in price pp: 265 euro excl. vat (based on 25 participants)

teamdag cocktails
teamdag quiz


This team day is the ideal combination of competition, fun and cooperation! As always, you will have a delicious Canapé-style dinner (seated or walking dinner) and drinks are included.

In addition, you are free to use our cosy meeting room for a lecture, a meeting or a brainstorming session. We provide a nice cup of coffee, a fresh juice and fruit.

The fun factor in this day is a unique and challenging 90-minute quiz based on Dutch Astrid Joosten’s successful “2 for 12” quiz with 10 stories, 2 brainteasers and 1 word. A downright boost for team spirit!

all-in price pp: 210 euros excl. vat (based on 25 participants)


A touch of competition, strategic thinking and teamwork: an organised mini darts tournament with colleagues can do wonders for the atmosphere!

Combine that with a cosy location and delicious food and your team day will be one to remember! As with the above team days, we provide the right setting, a casual foodexperience and the appropriate drinks. Enjoyment is the message!

We also provide a quiet workplace for the more serious work as you have access to our spacious meeting room with the best coffee and tea and something nice to nibble on.

all-in price pp: 210 euros excl. vat (based on 25 participants)

teamdag darts

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